7 Practical Ways On How To Save Money On Food


If you have been thinking about a way to lower your food bill costs, you have arrived on the right page.

Regardless of whether you have a big family and you are looking for ways to reduce your bill, or you want to become more frugal when it comes to the way you shop, here is my list of some of the most practical ways to assist you.

Follow these tips and you will soon experience a significant saving on your food bills.

Let’s get started!

1. Use Cashback Apps for Freebies And Great Offers

Cashback apps that include CheckoutSmart and Shopmium is a great way to save money when it comes to your current food bill.

These apps are updated regularly with a number of outstanding offers, these apps are designed to assist you in saving money on various drinks and food.

These cashback apps always offer outstanding offers that run in the majority of the major supermarkets which includes Waitrose, ASDA, Sainsbury and Tesco.

You might be thinking…….

Are these apps complicated to use? Or are they really worth using to only save a couple of pounds?

The answer to this question is Yes.

These apps are extremely straightforward and when you start to use them on a regular basis, you will soon find a way to save a lot of money as well as a way to try out any new products for free.

How To Get Started

• Download CheckoutSmart and Shopmium

• Check on the available offers, with some that are associated with savings and other linked to freebies

• Visit any one of the participating stores to buy your products

• Scan the barcode on the product and take a photo of the receipt

• The savings will then be returned into your account

These are general guidelines but remember to follow the specific guides on each app to take advantage of your cashback claims.

Download these apps today and start to experience the savings you deserve.

If you decide to sign-up with Shopmium today you get a free jar of Nutella when using our sign-up code.

2. Take Advantage of Free Food When You Shop Online

If you prefer to shop online, then here is an option for you.

Stores such as Sainsbury and Tesco regularly feature offers where you get to use one of the promotional codes in order to try products free of charge.

All you need to do is add these free products into your basket, and carry on with your usual shopping, when you checkout make sure you enter your promotional code.

The costs for these products will automatically be deducted from the total.

The more recent freebies for food have included:

• Fajita Seasoning Kit

• Flora Spread

• Yeo Valley Yoghurt

• Walkers Sunbites

• Nestle Ice Cream

• Primula Cheese Spread

It is really worth your while you to check on any free offers online before you start to shop. You may find that it works out well staying home and ordering online.

3. Look Out For The Try Me Free Food Packets

Some companies run cashback offers on their products.

The next time you are at the shops, look out for packaging that features a “Try Me For Free” sticker. These products mean when you buy the product, they offer a way to claim a cashback (in other words try the product for free).

These offers offer incentives for consumers to buy the products, with the aim of getting customers to like the product so they will buy it again.

There are always a number of delicious products on offer for free. Some of the latest offers we have found include:

• Yushoi Snack Pack

• Rana Filled Pasta

• Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

• FUEL 10k Porridge Pot

Companies typically run these types of campaigns when they introduce new products onto the markets and is one of the best ways to try out these new products for free.

4. Apply For The Free Food Giveaways

One of the other common ways that companies advertise their new products is by conducting free giveaways or freebie sites like WOW FreeStuff who have a free food & drink freebies section.

For example, Green & Black’s, Lee Kum Kee, Special K, Cadbury’s, to mention a few have all run these free-food giveaways.

They usually expire quickly, so if you find one make sure you immediately apply.

5. Use Coupons For Free Food Or Savings

If you really want to start saving money look for the available coupons at your store with every weekly shop.

These coupons offer a way to decrease your overall food costs, while still buying the products that you like.

These coupons are usually available online, where you can download them. They are usually on offer directly from the different food companies. Some examples include:

• Princes Tinned Tuna & Mackerel

• Princes Tinned Mango, Peach & Mandarins

• Almond Breeze Nutri + Milk

• Robinsons Fruit Squash (£1 off)

• Flora ProActive Spread (£1 off)

• John West Tuna Toppers (50p off)

• Oppo Ice Cream (£2 off voucher)

These are a few coupons that we spotted in the last few months!

You should never feel shy about using coupons, they are a great method to save cash as well as an easier more cost-effective way to try out new products.

6. Be Savvy When It Comes To Reduced Items And Offers

An old habit that has not left me since my University days, is that I am unable to go into a store without first checking on the reduced sticker isle.

In many cases there are a lot of significant reductions, on items that you need to use on the same day, or products you are able to freeze.

If you love meat, there is often a variety of different meat items to choose from. This can work out well as you can easily freeze your items and then use them when you need them. Meat is one of the more expensive items on our shopping lists and this is the ideal way to decrease your overall shopping bill.


Only buy these items if you really need them.

Everyone falls into the trap of those offers such as “Buy 1 Get 2 Free.”

If you use the product regularly or you would really like to try it out, this can be a way to save money.

But in most cases shoppers are enticed by the reduced price, even when they don’t need or even like these products.

These offers are only good if you plan to use it.

Many companies make use of clever marketing tactics which get shoppers to spend money on items they don’t use or need.

Before buying anything, you should always be asking “do I really need this” and you will soon find that you are saving a lot more money.

7. Replace Your Branded Products With Supermarket Brands

This may be an old trick, but it is worthwhile repeating for the shoppers that don’t practice this tip already.

The supermarket branded products are in most cases as good if not better than the branded equivalents. Keep in mind that you pay for the branded names, so unless you really love a specific product, then save some money by choosing the supermarket brands.

Even when you start to swap out just a few products in association to the own-brands, you start to save money on your overall food bill. Keep in mind that every little bit h

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