Protect your home from Burglary

Protect your home from Burglary

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home”

Like most people my worst nightmare is being burglared! Especially if I am in the house overnight by myself with just the kids. I know this is going to sound terrible but I do feel a lot safer with a man in the house.

Touch wood we have never been broken in to, and just the thought of someone riffling through your things and being in your home without your permission makes me so angry. We work hard to have nice things so what gives these people the right to come and steal them from you.

Over the last few months I seem to be reading about more and more break-ins in my local area, and it doesn’t seem to matter what time of the day or if you are asleep in bed they are trying their luck when ever they want.

I made the mistake a couple of years ago of leaving my front door keys in the door. It had the car keys for both cars on, my parents house keys and obviously our front door key. I didn’t realise until the morning when I was looking for them and my heart was in my mouth when I realised were they were. I always double-check I have brought them in now and will never make that mistake again. We were lucky that no one took them and it was such an easy mistake to make.

So, this got me looking at our house and how we can protect it. Here are a few things I found useful,

  • Alarm System – make sure its in full working order and you put it on whenever you leave the house.
  • Motion sensor lighting – Have these by entrances and hopefully it startles the intruder and they leave but it could give you a warning. Sometimes they are a pain because the slightest thing sets them off but better to be safe.
  • Secure doors – We recently just had a¬†composite front door installed and it has made me feel so much safer. They are stronger and are difficult to be broken in to.
  • Lock it away – Keep tools, toys etc locked away in a shed so they aren’t on show. The same for valuables in your house, don’t leave them on show for people to see through windows etc.
  • Keep them locked – When you leave the house make sure your external doors and windows are locked and closed.
  • Report it – If you see anything suspicious then report it to the police.

Hopefully it never happens to any of us but if it did you could always seek advice from a solicitors and if you are in the Liverpool area try these solicitors based in Bootle, Liverpool

Stay safe everyone!


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