Not Sure About Signing That Long-Haul School Trip Slip?

When your kids are young, school trips mean hopping on a coach and heading to the local nature reserve. Sometimes, trips like these are so close that teachers can walk the kids to their destination. And, few parents have anything against trips like these.

But, as they get towards the end of their primary lives, you may find those trips get further afield. By the time they reach secondary age, you may even face the choice of permitting an overseas trip. What’s more, this may come sooner than you think. Most secondary schools offer opportunities like these for first-year students.

Before the time comes, most of us think trips like these are fantastic. After all, they provide our children with the chance to make their first holiday memories on their own. And, that’s got to be a cause worth getting on board with. But, when you have that slip in your hands, the issue is rarely straight cut. Though you know you should sign, it’s possible you’ll have a hard time doing so. You may convince yourself they wouldn’t enjoy staying away from home. And, that’s just one of many justifications for not letting them go. But, if you’re in the throes of doubt, take a step back and consider the following learning benefits of trips like these.

Experience is the best teacher

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The most apparent learning benefit is the trip itself. While some schools organise overseas trips for team bonding, most do so with education in mind. And, you can be sure the experience of visiting a country will work wonders for your child’s understanding. History class may take them to Egypt, while their geography teacher may arrange school trips to China. Whatever the subject, getting up close and personal with monuments and environments beats classroom learning any day.

A lesson in independence

Educational benefits aren’t the only ones your child will experience. Trips like these can also be fantastic lessons in independence. You can rest easy that teachers are keeping everyone safe. But, your child is sure to feel freer than they have before. Instead of trusting you to take care of their luggage, they’ll have to do it themselves. Instead of relying on your telling them when to go to bed, the choice will fall on their shoulders. These may seem like small things, but they’re huge milestones for children. If they don’t go on trips like these, how can you prepare them for a time when they have to take care of themselves?

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A lesson for you, too

Though you might not think it, signing that slip can provide lessons for you, too. The chances are that you’ve been on full-time mum duty since becoming a parent. As such, your grip on your children is likely as tight now as it was when they were toddlers. But, as they embark on their secondary school journey, you’re going to need to start loosening the reins. And, trips like these are a fantastic way to start doing that.


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