What’s In My Bag: The Mum Edition

Before you become a mum, it’s likely you crammed your handbag full of things like you favourite Makeup products , and that book you still had time to read. You know; the usual stuff. But, since your kids entered this world, it’s likely the contents of your bag have started to look more Mary Poppins than fashion icon. You know the scene where Mary takes everything but the kitchen sink out of her bag? Well, you can join that club now. 
Of course, you only need to take a trip to YouTube to remember what it was like when you could put what you wanted in your bag. ‘What’s in my bag’ videos are sweeping the internet and satisfying everyone’s curiosity. But, we thought we’d change the format a little with a mummy-style what’s in my bag? Because’ let’s be honest mums, things look a little different. So, just what are those essentials that you should no longer leave the house without? 

Emergency first aid supplies 

The first thing most mums should put in their bags are those emergency first aid supplies. Let’s be honest; kids are clumsy, and our lack of sleep makes us just as bad. So, taking along a small tube of disinfectant and a supply of fun plasters is an essential part of any family trip. Trust us; you’ll be glad you have them when you’ve got a screaming child and a lot of disapproving glares coming your way. Who could look at you like a bad parent when you have some Teletubby plasters to hand? 

Food and drink 

Also high on your priority list should be food and drink. For one, these can stop hungry, thirsty children making your life hell at the worst moments. Plus, these could be the only things you have time to consume today. No joke. Of course, we’re all health conscious in the modern age. Make sure to avoid high-sugar pre-prepared drinks. Instead, stock up on reusable water Water bottles and keep them filled up. It’s also best to take some fruit along instead of biscuits and chocolate. If you’re all eating on the go, you can at least try to keep things balanced.

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Hand sanitiser

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to access a sink before snack time ensues. And, chowing down with dirty fingers after time in the park is far from ideal. But, us mums have an answer for everything, and the answer here is hand sanitiser. Buy a handbag-friendly option, and splash a squirt on everyone’s mitts before the food comes out. That way, you won’t have to worry about upset tummies and a stash of sick bags.

Tissues/baby wipes

Sadly, cleaning hands before a snack doesn’t mean they’ll still be shining after the food. That’s why you need to carry around a packet of tissues and a small pack of baby wipes. As well as coming in handy for snack cleanups, these will be lifesavers when it comes to spillages, scrapes, and even runny noses.

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