What I have packed in my baby bag?

What I have packed in my baby bag?

What I have packed in my baby bag?

When its your first pregnancy I think you tend to pack everything but the kitchen sick in your hospital bag, well I did anyway. I remember packing nail clippers and  hair brush and that’s just something you aren’t going to use while in hospital. I will just be packing the essentials this time around and fingers crossed that is all I will need.

Changing bag

My changing bag is by My Babiie the Billie Faiers range. I loved the colour and also the chevron pattern is perfect for what I wanted. What I love about this bag is that its not to big or small for what I want it for its just the right size. I have no excuse to over pack when ever we leave the house.


Now these are essential, I have packed 3 because I am hoping to be in and out of the hospital – I was out the same day with Heidi. I have packed these in new born size because from my scans it looks like he’s going to be around the same size as Heidi.


Like the Sleepsuits I have again only packed 3 and these are also new born size. I have also packed long sleeved and short sleeved. If we need more we live 5 minutes in the car away from the hospital to pick some more up.


I have only packed 2 bibs as Heidi wasn’t a sickie baby and never brought a bottle up. I found these more handy once she was older and was teething and dribbling. I have plenty at home incase he is a sickie baby.

muslin square

I have packed 1 of these for now but have plenty at home. These are so handy and can be used for multiple things, burping, changing, swaddling the list is endless. I would highly recommend these.


3 pairs of socks should be enough, with my baby being born in November the weather isn’t going to be the warmest so these should come in handy.


Hats are essential for when baby is first born. I have packed 2, 1 for when he is first born and the second for his going home outfit.

Scratch Mittens

Again I have packed 2 pairs but most of my baby grows have built in mittens, but just incase I have packed them. The second pair are part of his going home outfit as that doesn’t have built in scratch mittens.


I absolutely love the Aldi Mamia nappies, I have used them all the way through with Heidi and never had a problem and they are cheaper than the leading brands, bonus! I have packed 10 nappies in new born size which should be enough.


I used water wipes with Heidi and they were so good and they are nearly 100% water which is perfect for that new born baby’s bottom. I have packed one pack and have  stash back at home.

Going home outfit

This has been my hardest decision over the past couple of weeks, I didn’t know what outfit I was going to choose. I finally decided on the Babidu Blue 2 Piece Babysuit and also the matching Babidu Blue Cotton Baby Hat & Mittens Set. I then picked up the cardigan from a little boutique and it will be perfect for the car journey home.


This is a must to wrap up your new born and I have a blue one with little elephants on which is nice and fluffy and should keep him warm and cosy.

Top and tale bowl

This is something new that I didn’t have to take in with me when I had Heidi but the rules are always changing. I picked up a blue one from mothercare and have also packed some cotton wool to give him a wash.


Finally is pre made milk as they no longer supply this in the hospital I attend. I have bought the Aptamil First Milk from Birth Ready to Feed Formula Starter Pack this comes with the teats so is so handy for the hospital.

I think I have everything covered now and hopefully I haven’t forgot anything. If you think there is anything I am missing then please let me know, it would be much appreciated.





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