The Maternity Edit

The Maternity Edit


I thought I would start a series on fashion because believe it or not I do actually love fashion and the different trends but as I am now currently 8 months pregnant my fashion sense has gone completely out the window. Once I am back in ‘Normal’ clothes it should be a bit more exciting.

As i mentioned above I am 8 months pregnant and not really in the mood for fashion at the moment but do love seeing what is about, I thought I would do a maternity edit so people who are pregnant can actually see some nice pieces instead of your usual stripped tops which seem to be a common theme in maternity clothes – looks down at herself and realizes I am one of those people wearing a horizontal stripe dress.

The Maternity Edit

Chiara Ferragni pink flat
£220 –

Day pack backpack
£7.60 –

Thomas Sabo rose gold plated earrings
£50 –

Valentines day jewelry
£26 –
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  1. I love everything in this outfit. The shoes are great … >I Want< 🙂 #PoCoLo


  2. Such a pretty outfit and it looks really comfortable too X #pocolo


  3. Love the outfit, especially the backpack, I may go have a look at that now! #pocolo


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