Out with the old, In with the new….

Baby stuff and toys that is!

As you all know we are expecting our second child in November and currently we have stuff everywhere. I kept a lot of Heidi’s stuff from when she was a baby because you never know when you will need it and I always knew I was going to have another baby somewhere down the line, also I am one of those people who hate throwing things away. Our loft at the moment resembles a jumble sale full to the brim which annoys the hell out of Keith.

So, that is now my que to have a de-clutter, or start the nesting process – all you pregnant women will understand, its something that just comes across you to do immediately. I do like to be organised at any time not just when I’m pregnant and the fact that the spare bedroom is also full of new baby stuff and not decorated is bugging the life out of me. I just want to be able to get the cot up, put the new bedding on, put up all the accessories and sort the baby’s clothes out, then I know I’m done for that department.

What I thought I would do is start selling a lot of Heidi’s toys that she has grown out of that probably wont be able to be passed down to our baby boy. I am going to set up an eBay shop or Instagram account to sell and any of the bigger items like a mini trampoline we have in pink I can send using¬†Shiply¬†which is perfect for couriering larger items that you cant send via royal mail for example.

I also have Heidi’s toddler bed which we will probably be looking to swap to a normal bed in a years time and its just to good to throw away and would hope someone would be able to get use out of it – I wish I could have a Minnie mouse bed.

I can then put all the money to one side to buy more toys and crap for our new addition, its a vicious circle people, my house will never be clean and clutter free for ten years or more. Once the baby starts to grow out of the baby thing’s I will keep on adding them to Ebay or Instagram on a regular basis and hopefully I will start to have a cleaner house. I know I will never use Moses Baskets, Cot, Baby Car Seats, Prams, Jumparoo’s etc again as I am not planning on extending my family any more so while I have that mentality its the right time to start selling it off and giving it to a good home. Half of it is like brand new and hardly been used.

Does anyone have a clutter free house or have any tips because I would love to know how to achieve this?

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  1. August 14, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    Little ones get through so much even in the first few months. We are looking to declutter too and there are a number of places you can sell. From carboot sales, local free sites like Gumtree to NCT sales and Facebook there's lots of places out there. #PoCoLo

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