Family time there’s nothing better

If you are a working parent like me you know how guilty you feel for putting your children in nursery and how you have to pay someone else to look after your children. I would love nothing better than to be a stay at home mum but its just not possible for us. We are lucky enough to have family who can help out with childcare otherwise one of us would definitely have to give up work.

Guilt always arises for me because you come home from work and then home life kicks in and there’s teas to be cooked, washing to be done endless other jobs and by the time you finally sit down its bedtime for Heidi, so I always think when am a actually spending quality time with me family. I am lucky enough to only work half a day on a Monday – unlucky I have to work full days the rest of the week but I get to spend that extra time with Heidi which I know I am lucky to be able to do.

When we get a week off together its a time when we like to do fun things and make memories so that is exactly what we did this last week. Unfortunate for us the weather was awful and we have already prebooked Cbeebies Land to stay over but we made the best of our week,

We went to Knowsley Safari Park on the Monday which was perfect because we can just drive around there in the car and look at all the animals which Heidi loves. It would of been nice to get out the car and walk around the walks and see some of the other animals they have but there is other days we can do that. We did get to see the Sea Lion show which I wasn’t to sure how Heidi was going to react but she absolutely loved it. The smile on her face was priceless and I am just gutted I didn’t get a picture. Its something we will be going back to do again, but maybe when the weather is a bit better.

On Tuesday we has already booked to go to Cbeebies Land and the weather was awful and all it did was rain but we thought lets just make the most of it while we are here. First off we went to the Water Park which is so good for kids but I think it was a bit overwhelming for Heidi and too many people, she kept asking to get out but I think she just wanted to see Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy because that’s all she went on about on the journey down.

By the time we got out the water park the rain had started to go off so we headed over to the theme park.



We got the monorail over from the hotel because that’s were we parked and Heidi was so excited on there, she doesn’t go on public transport much because we drive most places so to her it was an adventure. Her face when we got to Cbeebies land was of pure excitement and it was lovely to see her so happy and excited. Despite the rain we made the most of our day and got to go on most of the rides, it did brighten up through parts of the day. She got to go on her first rollercoaster and meet so many characters.
Cbeebies land is perfect for children Heidi’s age and i would highly recommend it. We stayed over at enchanted village woodland lodges at Alton Towers and it was the perfect way to end the day as we didn’t have to travel home and with me being pregnant it was a long day so it was nice to just go straight to the room and lie down. The room was amazing and aimed at kids the way it was decorated, I didn’t manage to get any photos – sorry.
For the rest of our week off we just chilled together at home because the weather wasn’t the best but it was nice to have the quality time together and not have the rush of getting ready for work and being to busy.



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