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13 Weeks Pregnant


I thought I would start documenting my weekly pregnancy updates, when I was pregnant with Heidi. I found these really interesting and when you are a first time mum its nice to read and see how other people’s pregnancy’s differ from yours or just to be nosey – that was me!

 I have been using the Ovia Pregnancy app and I love the updates they have like the hand size and also the theme you can pick as to what size your baby is. I picked the Fun & Games but they also have Fruit & Vegetables, Parisian Bakers & Weird but cute animals.

How far along. 13 weeks


Countdown. 27 weeks to go

Baby hand size.


Baby foot size.


Size of a.


Maternity Clothes. I have had to start wearing maternity trousers for work and have been for the past couple of weeks. Is it normal to be bigger with your second pregnancy?

Stretch Marks. Nope nothing yet and have been using Palmers Cocoa Tummy Butter which feels lovely and smells delicious.

Sleep. I have been sleeping well but wake up so tired, hopefully getting up gets easier in the second trimester.

Best moment this week. Having my 12 week scan and knowing my little baby is ok.

Worst moment this week.

Miss anything. Pate, we were at a Holy Communion party over the weekend and there was Pate and crusty bread which I would usually gravitate to but had to drag myself away, boooo!

Movement. None

Food cravings. Nothing as yet

Sickness. I have been fine the past couple of weeks it was just the first 10 weeks I felt awful and constantly felt sick and had motion sickness every time I was in the car. Hopefully that is the last of the sickness but I know from when I was pregnant with Heidi it raises its ugly head in the third trimester.

Gender. Find out in 7 weeks time.

Symptoms. Just the usual, shortness of breath, really sore boobs and a bit of fatigue.

Belly button in or out. In

Happy or Moody. I would say Happy.

Looking forward to. Being off for a week in June and spending time with my family.

Workouts. Since giving up my PT lesson 2 weeks ago I have had a little break but am hoping to start doing some pregnancy workouts next week.


If there is anything else you would like to see or think I have missed up update wise then please let me know and I will see you for next weeks update.

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3 thoughts on “13 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Yay I love pregnancy updates. I meant to do them this time but only managed a couple 🙈 It's so exciting. I was definitely loads bigger, much quicker this time – by 16 weeks I had a really obvious, quite big bump. Hope you start to get more energy soon, I think it's hard when you have another little one to look after! #bigpinklink


  2. Oooh congratulations!! I missed the announcement that you were expecting again-amazing news! I hope you get some energy back, and I hope the sickness doesn't rear its ugly head again, in the third trimester… this is a really informative update! My friend ate pate while pregnant, and was really ill… it's really hard though, when you see the foods you love! I was much bigger the second time around-I didn't properly show until 7 months the first time, but had to tell everyone early the second time, because by 8 weeks I had quite a big bump! He was 9lbs 10, so remained pretty big all the way through…! I'll be looking forward to your updates!


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