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Autumn/Winter Toddler Clothing Haul

I know this is probably a bit early but I love nothing better than being prepared and it has a little story to it also.

I was scrolling through Instagram and I follow a child’s clothing store called Jam Kidswear. Each week they run a bonus ball where you pay £5 per number and if you bonus ball comes out on the national lottery then you win a certain amount of money to spend in there shop. I picked 17 because it’s the date Heidi was born on and lucky enough for my first time at playing out popped number 17. So this week I won £255 to spend in there shop and it could be spent on Autumn/Winter stock.

If you would like to try your luck at winning the bonus ball then all their social media links are below.

Let’s move on to the fun bit of the actual clothes that I picked. I decided to pick items from the Autumn/Winter range and put some of them away for christmas, It saves me having to pay for Christmas clothes!

I have done a youtube haul video showing what I bought So if you would like to see that then please click on the following link, Autumn/Winter Haul Video also if you like the video then please give it a Like and also Subscribe. It would be much appreciated and would love to give you a virtual hug as a thank you.

For the first outfit I chose was these leggings, I adore the mushroom print I think it’s so different and stands out. The cardigan i think matches perfectly. I have decided to take this outfit on our family holiday to Butlins as it’s not as winter-ey as the other outfit I chose.
Oilily Tiska Funghi Leggings £29.00
Oilily Homber Sweat Cardigan £44.00
The second outfit is one I am putting away for christmas, it’s so christmassy and I love the unicorn print.
Oilily Tinez Unicorn Top £33.00
Oilily Tiska Funghi Painterly Leggings £29.00

This next outfit is for Christmas day and I think the Alice in Wonderland print is so cute and the tights match perfectly with it.

Room Seven Toulas Dress Pink £36.99

Room Seven Maru Pink £14.00

Finally I chose the red shoes to go with the outfits and a few pairs of knee socks for other outfits and the red ones can go with the above dress.

Mary Jane Pantent Leather Shoes – Red £40.00
Bow Socks – Red £6.00

Bow Socks – Baby Blue £6.00

Bow Socks – Navy Blue £6.00

All of the above clothes are is size 2 years and the shoes, socks & tights are is size 5. Some of the above items might not be in stock but keep checking back incase they re stock. Also they have some other gorgeous bits.

I love all the above clothes and am so glad I have all Heidi’s clothes sorted for Christmas, She is going to be one stylish little Girl.

Pink Pear Bear

5 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter Toddler Clothing Haul

  1. I am such a big fan of unicorns so that little unicorn top is a winner in my eyes. You've picked up some beautiful pieces and at great prices! You are right, she will be very stylish! #bigpinklink

    Jordanne ||


  2. Oh wow, what amazing luck that your number came up the first time you had a go!! And oh… My… Goodness… Those clothes are gorgeous!! I was trying to pick out something that I liked the most, but it's all so adorable! The leggings are fab, and I actually want the Alice In Wonderland dress for myself!! Heidi is going to be one stylish little girl!!


  3. Gorgeous! I love those leggings!! I haven't shopped for the autumn wardrobes yet, I've been putting it off as I was hoping the sunshine might return, maybe it's time that I accepted Summer is over! #TwinklyTuesday


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