Everyday is Black Friday

As you know from previous blogs I love a bargain or a sale. Sometimes or most of the time I should say, I begrudge paying full price for items especially clothing because if you wait a few weeks it’s more than likely going to end up in the sale. When I buy Heidi’s clothes I always wait for the sales because no sooner she’s in a size she’s grown out of it and also with nursery I don’t want to be spending a lot on her clothes.

I always think to myself why can’t there be a website were all the sale items are in one place? That’s when Everyday is Black Friday got in touch with me and told me about there website. It’s sale items all in one place, yayyyy! 
Everyday is Black Friday is a unique deal finder personal project and a lifetime dream, arisen from the frustration of the current online shopping  process. Nowadays, shopping online is an extremely time consuming activity, especially if you want to make sure you’ll get the best deal when you buy something”
To read in a bit more detail about
Just to show how easy the website is I will explain. So I have recently started power walking so wanted some new trainers. Firstly I went on to the website Everyday is Black Friday  and clicked on the menu to categories. This then brings up a list women’s or men’s so I picked women’s and then Trainers because that’s what I was after. That then brought up a list of all the trainers on there database that were in the sale and I found the perfect ones, as per below.
That will then direct you to the website of the product you want. And its that simple. So if you are after anything in particular and are like me and hate paying full price for items then have a look at this website first, you might just find your self a bargain.

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