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Girls Toddler Clothing Haul

This is a new for me because I have finally dipped my toe in to the YouTube world and recorded a Girl’s Toddler Clothing Haul. I was a tiny bit nervous as you can most probably tell but hopefully my confidence will start to grow as time goes on.

I bought all this stuff from Asda George in the sale and everything is 2 – 3 Years old. A lot of these clothes are for Summer so will do Heidi for next year.

If you want to watch this video then press the following link,

 Girls Toddler Clothing Haul

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20 thoughts on “Girls Toddler Clothing Haul

  1. I love your accent! These haul vids are all the rage now I think. Looks like you napped some fab bargains. It would be easier to see you if you weren't in front of the window I think, it's always so hard to work out where to sit isn't it?! Thanks for being a #bigpinklinker


  2. Common theme in the comments, loving your accent! I do love ASDA for their sale bargains.. What a good haul you've got. I've a back log of hand me downs so don't get to buy much often but enjoy it when I do! #bigpinklink


  3. Your video is super cute – and so are the clothes! I think you need a bit of front lighting to keep your face in focus. I do love the window with Heidi in it for the background, it just makes you a bit washed out.
    We get tons of hand me downs which means I don't do much clothes shopping for my girls, but also that I get to save some money! Your deals are amazing. Good job mama!


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