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Time for Anything?

I always wonder how I thought I never had time to do anything when I lived at home. When I lived at home my mum did everything for me cooked, cleaned, made my lunches, I literally never lifted a finger and all I paid her housekeep was £200 a month, which was a steal for everything she did for me, I even had sky in my bedroom for that price.

Then when I moved in to my own house i think it was a bit of an excuse to use. My friend would ask “Are you coming to the gym tonight” my response “I can’t I have tons of housework, shopping, washing to do, maybe tomorrow?” But let’s me honest tomorrow never comes.

Then once a baby comes along, you realise you never have time to do anything. Here are a list of things I never have time for or can’t do anymore.
  • Washing my hair – I have always been a once a week hair washer even before my daughter came along. When she was first born this went to a whole different level, I once went 3 weeks without washing my hair. Who has time to jump in the shower when you have a newborn, and when you do all you want to do is sleep.I know this is totally gross but it only happened the once and then I think it went down to 2 weeks.
  • Painting my nails – I always had perfect nails, I hated seeing my nails chipped. But I never get 5 minutes to paint my nails let alone let them dry without my daughter want picking up or just to sit on my knee. As much as I adore the love affection, I also don’t want smudged nails.
  • Read a book or magazine – I used to love nothing better than curling up on the couch or in bed with a good book or magazine, getting lost in the story or in celebrity gossip. If I pick up a book my daughter wants to see it or draw on it so there’s no point and once she’s in bed i’m half the time not to far behind her. Im looking forward to the days I can read again.
  • Go the toilet in peace – As soon as I leave the room to go the toilet i have a follower and she brings all her teddy bears and sits on the toilet floor. Ermm sorry I don’t like an audience when I pee, lol.
What don’t you have time for anymore?

Pink Pear Bear

2 thoughts on “Time for Anything?

  1. This made me laugh I do always wonder what on earth I used to do with my time?! My 'treats' now are painting my nails and having a bath when B is at home to look after the gremlin. I still read a little bit but only when he naps and goes to bed at night haha. #bigpinklink


  2. Hahaha…..yes, yes, I agree. I hardly time for reading or eating in peace when the kids came along. I remembered once that I was in my PJs the entire day and I only realised this when my partner came home and said, “Weren't you wearing that when I left this morning?” Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink


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