slimming world

Weight Loss Journey #6

Monday 9th May to Sunday 15th May 2016

Start Weight 10 stone 13 lbs
Weight loss 0


    Breakfast Banana, Yoghurt and Granola
     Lunch Ham & Cheese Sandwich
     Dinner Pork Chop and Cheese Macaroni
     Snack Drifter bar (5 SYNS))

       Lunch Ham & Cheese Sandwich
     Dinner Pork chop, Chips and beans
     Snack Drifter bar (5 SYNS)
     Breakfast  Scrambled egg and Beans
       Lunch Ham & Cheese Sandwich
     Dinner Chicken Pasta
      Snack Drifter bar (5 SYNS)

     Breakfast Banana, Yoghurt and Granola
       Lunch Tomato & Herb Mugshot, Sandwich Thin (HEB) with ham & cheese salad, Apple, Clementine
     Dinner Pork Chop, chips and salad
     Snack Drifter bar (5 SYNS)

I haven’t been the best tracking this week but clean slate for next week.

If you would like to see a tutorial or blog post on any of the slimming world recipes then let me know because I would be happy to.

How has your weight loss journey been?

Two Tiny Hands

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey #6

  1. It's so difficult keeping a log isn't it! Just because you've not logged doesn't mean you've not been healthy though. Yes a clean slate is always good. I'd quite like to know how you do the BBQ Chicken from a previous week! Thanks for sharing with #abrandnewday


  2. I am going to do a blog post on the BBQ chicken this week. I prefer it to a jar of BBQ/Hunters chicken sauce, and after these companies said dont eat “jar” food more than once a week i won't use them now and find this cheaper and healthier anyway.


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