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Memory Picture Books

We live in a day and age where no one seems to print pictures anymore. I am guilty of doing this and I take tons of pictures and they stay on my phone taking up memory – and look at them occasionally when I have the chance.

So to solve this problem when I had Heidi I decided I would document her life in pictures every 4 months up until her first birthday and also a separate book for her Christening. I kept all the pictures I took from birth to 4 months and then found the website PhotoBox and chose the book size, finish etc I wanted. The prices range from £5.99 up to £59.99 depending on size etc.

Once you have chosen your book then the fun bit starts, arranging your pictures, adding different backgrounds, pictures and text. You can personalise it to however you want it.
I love looking back at the books and seeing how much Heidi has changed and I can’t wait until she’s old enough to show her. It’s just a nice way to document how much fun she has had and how much she has come on over the year.

Do you have a different way of keeping all your photos and memories?
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14 thoughts on “Memory Picture Books

  1. I also have stopped printing photos and make a book. I usually make one for the year but must admit that I still have last years to do. OOOppps must get to it now. I love to have them as coffee table books for a while to share with guests.


  2. I made one of these for my Mum for her birthday, they are brilliant. I need to go through all my photo's and get the good ones printed (and deleted the rubbish ones and free up some harddrive!!) #PoCoLo


  3. I still have a baby book for the Tubblet to fill in. She's 12 … It's a bit embarrassing. Rev T has done memory books for other members of the family and they're beautiful


  4. I am guilty of this too! I would love the printed photos too and seeing them and touching them! Theres magic when you touch photos, like going back to the moment it was taken! #pocolo


  5. this is such a lovely idea – so many of our photos are now on our phone and not printed up. I do, however have the most amazing photo wall in my hall – I by the Ribba black frames from Ikea in all different shapes and sizes and print up photos throughout the year and put on the wall – everyone stops when they walk in to the house to have a look – its a great way of remembering and seeing how the children have grown #bigpinklink


  6. These are lovely, I use them alot…although time hasn't resulted in too many at the moment! I've just found a big empty album for printed photos…I'm determined to print my pics and fill it in the next six months…it's going to be quit a task though, I may have to temporarily retire from blogging! #bigpinklink


  7. I make a memory picture book each year of the previous year in review. They are such a great way to remember what you did each year when you look back on them. This is reminding me I haven't written last year's yet! The blog has gotten in my way this year! Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk x


  8. I love making digital scrapbooks too for all the special occasions. I normally am really good at keeping up with them. I have to admit I didn't do any last year. Ooops I really must get back caught up with them. My blog seems to be taking over that at the moment. lol 🙂 These look absolutely amazing and such beautiful memories captured. Thanks for sharing them on #ShareWithMe


  9. They're great – I do a year book of what we've got up to during the year, not just the big things but some snaps too. MOH thought they were a waste of time but I caught him looking at them the other day so I think I'll be carrying on! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo and thanks for being such a fab #newbieshowcase xx


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