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My Weight Journey

Before I had my little girl I probably weighed around 9 stone 10, 18 months on I now weigh 11 stone and I am struggling to lose the weight. I thought once I had had Heidi the weight would drop off, but no. I see other people who have had baby’s and they are back in there skinny jeans a few months later, why aren’t I, I  would ask myself.
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I remember going to see the nurse for my 6 week post baby check-up and getting on the scales only to hear her say, you are overweight. I was in complete shock; I had only just had a baby. I just wanted to run out of there and cry. I spoke to my partner who reassured me I wasn’t overweight and that I had only just had a baby so not to worry. But who wouldn’t worry, I think most women worry over their weight on a daily basis.

I made it my mission to lose weight, i started eating less and healthier and walking everywhere i went with the pram – daily. I must’ve lost a bit of weight because people would comment saying I looked like i had lost weight and thinner in the face – did my face look fat before?
Image result for mom walking with pram
 I started to feel a bit more confident in myself and even dared to wear a 2 piece outfit. Which brought compliments from my other half *Smiling to myself*
Sexy 2 Piece Set Jersey Midi Wiggle Skirt And Crop Top Long Sleeve Stretch 8-14      
Once I went back to work after my maternity leave that’s when the weight creeped back on and the afternoon trips to the shop for chocolate started. There was no more daily walks just stuck sat behind a computer screen. Sitting pretty now at 11 stone I just hate the way I look and want the confidence to return.
So I have decided April is going to be the kickstart of my healthy eating, getting healthy. I am going to tackle this head on and keep you all updated because I think that will make me more determined if I write it down. The below picture was taken of me 4 years ago and this is the weight/body shape I want to get back to.
Two Tiny Hands
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10 thoughts on “My Weight Journey

  1. That wasn't nice of the nurse telling a 6 week post-partum Mum that they were overweight!! Grrr, I hate it when I hear stuff like that! Glad you have a supportive other half to bring you back. It is difficult to avoid eating when being a Mum, especially as snack time for the kids means I tend to eat it too! All you can do is set a goal, which you have, and keep trying. Plus don't worry if you have the odd naughty day, start again the next day! Thanks for linking #ABrandNewDay


  2. aww good luck with your journey! I agree with Catie – so so mean of that nurse … so unsupportive … sounds like you have loads of lovely family support around you though … good luck and look forward to seeing the progress reports! #familyfun


  3. Hopping over from the Post.Comment.Love Party… Congratulations on having a baby! What an exciting time! Weight loss can be tough, but you are tougher! 😉 Have a great weekend! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    I host a link party on Tuesdays called Tuesdays with a Twist. If you have time, this post would be a GREAT addition!


  4. Jeez can't believe a nurse would say that to you, you would think she would know better when dealing with women who have just given birth a few weeks ago! Idiot. It's so hard to lose weight after a baby because in my experience you are constantly tired and craving a quick energy fix (usually in the form of chocolate for me) so the thought of preparing a lovely healthy meal or spending actual time cooking was the last thing on my mind!! A few months in, once we had settled into some new sort of 'normal' and MOST IMPORTANTLY I was in the right frame if mind, I started to think about making healthier choices to work towards losing a few pounds. Good luck with your weight loss but more importantly enjoy your gorgeous little bubba, skinny jeans will be there when you're ready for them! #bigpinklink


  5. Good luck on your start babes but you look amazing I don't think you need to put too much pressure on yourself darling. My momma once said every decade she gained 10lbs from her high school weight she is now 60 and it is true and I am in my thirties and it's true for me too. I think we need to learn how our bodies change and be ok with it not staying the same forever. 🙂 I hope that was some positiveness for you. i always felt the same about losing baby weight I was NEVER one of those that could get her skinnies on until year after birth. lol 🙂 My friend wore them home from the hospital so not fair! Thanks for sharing your weight journey with #ShareWithMe and have a lovely weekend ahead.


  6. I can't believe the nurse said that to you? Thats so insensitive considering you had just had a baby!! I put more weight back on when I returned to work too. Good luck with your journey you have a target so I am sure you will hit it. Look forward to hearing about the updates. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK


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