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Spring essentials: toddler girl haul

I recently bought a few little Spring essential bits for my daughter and thought I would share them with you. I love nothing more than a bargain and found a few below.
Heidi is coming up to 17 months now and her hair is at that stage were it’s not long enough to put in a bobble but just looks a tiny bit untidy. I found these little Spring coloured clips from Claire’s accessories and knew they would be perfect to clip her unruly fringe out the way. The slides were £3.50 and then the tiny clips were buy one get one free so I paid £1.50 for them both, bargain.

Once the weather gets a bit warmer I will start taking Heidi the swimming baths again. In the winter she constantly had colds and sniffles so didn’t want to make them worse by taking her swimming. I found this bargain at mothercare for £5.00.

These little jelly sandals will be perfect once the weather gets warmer, i got these in the sale I think for £3. When I see bargains like this I cant leave them.

This isn’t really an essential but it will keep her entertained on car journeys for when we are going on days out. I picked this one up from Argos for £9.99, this has been her new favourite teddy to carry everywhere she goes. Argos Check out my for money off selected toys and other offers

Next are these pyjamas from Asda they were reduced to £4 another bargain I couldn’t leave. Im not sure if you can get them online as I got mine in store. The material is light weight and perfect for the spring time Asda George

Also from Asda George was this cute bunny mac. It’s the perfect coat for when it’s not as cold out but still need a coat especially if rains. Asda George £12
Again for the car journeys I picked up this Headrest mount. Heidi loves watching in the night garden and this is her favourite thing to do in the car. We already have a tablet so we downloaded them on that for her. It’s just that little bit out of her reach that she can’t mess around with it which is perfect Argos £14.99
Another essential that we have come to find very handy is wellies. Heidi loves to just in puddles and if she has her normal shoes on is a nightmare because they get ruined and she gets wet feet. I picked these ones up at Asda George – again Asda George £5
Finally for when we hit the swimming baths and for when we go on our Holidays to Butlins in September I picked up this swim seat. It will give her some independence in the water instead of us holding her, and boy does she love to be miss independent mothercare £11.99
Can you think of anything I have left of this spring essential list? 

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12 thoughts on “Spring essentials: toddler girl haul

  1. Aww I love buying new things for Mia especially when they are a bargain! I love the bunny coat, its so cute! The pjs are a steal as I spend a small fortune on them usually and it drives me mad! I will have to nip to Asda and see if I can find them as Mia loves Frozen at the moment 🙂



  2. I feel very clucky now seeing all those cute bits and bobs, I loved those days when my daughter was so small and the first holiday. I love the pink wellies they are adorable, are they sparkly (sorry, I am sight impaired)


  3. What a greta list you really got some bargains too 🙂 I really use to enjoy dressing Monkey when he was younger and although I still do the clothes now get ruined so quickly!! lol. I really like the bunny coat the best. I hope you have great fun at the swimming baths. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x


  4. Ahh I love these MM would too. Great shopping haul for little girls. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry to be late commenting we have my mother visiting from America. 🙂 Thanks for joining in. #sharewithme


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