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Top 5 Mum must haves

5 New Mum Must Haves 

Forget what you’ve read in the baby books — we go beyond the basics and get right to the good stuff!
Everyone will tell you: Get teething toys.
No one will tell you: Get this very specific one called Sophie.
I had heard so much about ‘Sophie’ before and while I was pregnant and kept wondering what or who was Sophie. My little girl absolutely love this and would carry is around and chew on it all day.
Mummy Diaries loves: Sophie the Giraffe So’ Pure Teething Ring, £8.99 Toys R Us
Everyone will tell you: You need a car seat and a Pram.
No one will tell you: Definitely get the travel system.
Of course you’ll need a pram to move baby from point A to point B, but a travel system will be a lot easier. I found it handy if I was out in the car to go shopping and the baby fell asleep and i could just clip the car seat into the pram base — all without waking your sleeping baby. Sounds good, check out the one I used below.

Mummy Diaries Loves: Mamas and Papas Zoom Trio Package, £329, Mama’s and Papa’s

Everyone will tell you: You need a bouncer.
No one will tell you: It’s gotta be tricked out.

You’ll need a bouncer to put the baby in and keep them occupied while you’re running around your house like a madwoman. But no one will admit that flashing lights, hookups for MP3 players and self-rocking mechanisms will buy you extra time and may even lull a fussy baby to sleep. My little girl loved sitting in hers swinging away while listening to the lullabies.

Mummy Diaries Loves: Bright Stars cosy kingdom baby swing, £74.99, Mothercare

Everyone will tell you: You need a changing bag.
No one will tell you: Get one that will be big enough.

Make sure you buy one big enough to fit everything you need if you’re out and about, nappies, wipes, bottles, formula, change of clothes (because we know how many vests and babygrows little ones go through). There’s nothing worse than a changing bag that is to small and you struggle to zip up after every use.

Mummy Diaries Loves: Yummy Mummy Sam the dalmatian, £80, Pink Lining

Everyone will tell you: Sleep Bag
No one will tell you: Some are easier than others for swaddling baby.

Instead of swaddling your little one of a night and them wriggling out I found it easier to use a sleep bag. My little girl doesn’t like blankets over her of a night so this was perfect for keeping her warm and not letting her tootsies get too cold.
Mummy Diaries Loves: Grobag Dream Big Sleeping Bag 0-6 months 2.5 Tog, £21.50, Mothercare

I hope you found this this post interesting and it helps any new mums out there who are overwhelmed with what is the best product to buy.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Mum must haves

  1. This is a very useful, and accurate post! We had a Mama's and Papa's travel system, and I couldn't agree more that just being able to whizz a sleeping baby from the car into the buggy was life saving! And we had a fairly boring, standard bouncer, that child 1 hated, and would never sit in, yet he would sit happily in the ones my friends had, which had the lights, swing ability, and all the other functions! So we got one, another life saving purchase! Thank you for sharing this at #bigpinklink!


  2. Great list! Definitely agree a good travel system is useful and we love sleeping bags for keeping our little guy cosy in bed. We bought a bouncy chair but it didn't get heaps of use. Maybe when baby no. 2 comes along it'll prove it's worth, since we'll be busier than we were with baby no. 1 though!


  3. Oh I love your post so much useful information. Love it I'm a recent mum of two!! Loads of work lol glad I stumbled across your blog it's brilliant!!


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