slimming world

Week 1: 9th Jan – 15th Jan 2016 journal

Start Weight 11 Stone exactly
Im not going to write a full post on my food diary for this week as it would take me forever to write up. I have decided to just do daily posts of what I have ate instead.
I stuck to sw all week and stayed within my syn allowance and that was with having a kitkat every night because I couldn’t give up chocolate.
I even tried Zumba step which by the way I loved, on Monday evening and I am going to make it a regular outing. Not only is it exercise but it’s just good to have an hour of being myself and not mum.
My way in day was Friday 15th and I lost 2lbs which at first I felt a bit disappointed about but then I realised any lose is better than a gain. So overall my first week went well and I’m busy planning next weeks meals and hoping it goes as good as this week. 

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