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29 Weeks pregnant, Water infection, hospital and drips!

  I do apologise there hasn't been any updates the last couple of weeks, I did keep meaning to but as you can tell from the title I haven't been feeling the best the last couple of weeks. How far along 29 weeks     Countdown. 11 weeks to go   Baby hand size. Baby foot size.… Continue reading 29 Weeks pregnant, Water infection, hospital and drips!

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Pram Wishlist

 As soon as you find out your pregnant its all about the pram I think, and the choice out there is absolutely mind blowing. There are so many different brands, style, colours its like a mind field. When I was pregnant with Heidi I went for a plain black travel system from Mamas and Papas… Continue reading Pram Wishlist

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Baby boy Haul, What I have bought so far

Since finding out I was pregnant I bought a few essentials, I know you really shouldn't incase the unthinkable happens but I really cant help myself. Every time I went to Asda, Tesco or Primark I would just pick up a pack of vests in various sizes and styles but all white. It just saves… Continue reading Baby boy Haul, What I have bought so far

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Out with the old, In with the new….

Baby stuff and toys that is!As you all know we are expecting our second child in November and currently we have stuff everywhere. I kept a lot of Heidi's stuff from when she was a baby because you never know when you will need it and I always knew I was going to have another… Continue reading Out with the old, In with the new….

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Breakout Liverpool Part 2

I was lucky enough to be asked again by the lovely people at Breakout Liverpool to come and play another one of there rooms, and being pregnant was the perfect evening activity to do. It didn't involve people around you drinking, which I cant stand to be around when I'm sober and If I wanted to… Continue reading Breakout Liverpool Part 2

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18 Weeks Pregnant

 How far along. 18 weeks Countdown. 22 weeks to goBaby hand size.  Baby foot size.  Size of a.  Maternity Clothes. I haven't bought anything the past couple of weeks just trying to squeeze in to anything baggy I already have.Stretch Marks. Nope nothing yet and still using Palmers Cocoa Tummy Butter which feels lovely and smells delicious. I have also been using Cussons Mum and me… Continue reading 18 Weeks Pregnant

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Family time there’s nothing better

If you are a working parent like me you know how guilty you feel for putting your children in nursery and how you have to pay someone else to look after your children. I would love nothing better than to be a stay at home mum but its just not possible for us. We are lucky… Continue reading Family time there’s nothing better

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Were does my lack of confidence comes from?

I have always been the shy kid, my earliest memory was probably at junior school. I would blend in to the background and was always that quiet kid who would never put her hand up to answer a question in class or ask for help if I needed it - I was probably scared what other… Continue reading Were does my lack of confidence comes from?